Tweets of the Week: Cars, stars and killers behind bars

Tweets of the WeekThere’s no particular theme this week, but as usual I’ve been busy trawling the Twittersphere for nuggets of witty 140-character commentary on the TV universe from the last seven days. So here is a random selection from the many tweets which tickled my funny bone during the week ending 27th January 2013.

Holy bidding war, Batman!

The original Batmobile from the 1960s Batman TV series went up for auction in the US and sold for an eye-watering $4.6 million. No, do not adjust your monitor, that’s four-point-six million dollars. One of TV’s most iconic cars went to a 56-year old Batman enthusiast – although I think calling someone who spends that amount of money on a piece of memorabilia an ‘enthusiast’ is a bit like calling Charles Manson ‘maladjusted’.

Obviously it’s quite an investment, although I had to laugh at this suggestion that perhaps the motivation for buying it was a tad less salubrious:

A Poe-faced killer

Speaking of serial killers, The Following premiered in the UK the day after the US amid much (slightly overblown) fanfare about its horror elements. True to American TV convention we have a Brit (James Purefoy) cast as a serial killer with an unhealthy obsession with Edgar Allan Poe. Many viewers loved it.

Despite mixed reviews from the critics it brought in 10.4 million viewers in the US, making it Fox’s highest-rated episode of any scripted series of the 2012/13 season.

Of course, the episode also inspired a succession of gruesome jokes.

Well, I thought it was funny, anyway.

You can read my review of the opening episode here.

Here’s your P-45, Mr Clarkson

Let’s switch back to cars for a bit, as Sunday night saw the return of Top Gear after a longer than usual hiatus. (Please tell me it wasn’t just me that missed having the Three Not-So-Wise Men doing a Christmas special?) It seems the show was much missed, with many viewers reacting something like this:

The show pulled out all the stops for its first episode back. The Pagani Huayra set the fastest ever time around the test track and Homeland’s Damian Lewis was the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, while Jeremy Clarkson got to pitch to the Dragons’ Den dragons and ride around in the tiny P-45, an attempt to build a car even smaller than the minuscule Peel P-50.

Now Top Gear divides opinion like no other factual show on the BBC. Many people hate it, while others wonder what the attraction is of watching three grown men – 2½, really, if you count Richard Hammond – pulling off increasingly silly capers in cars. But that’s also why so many people love it: it’s escapist Boy’s Own stuff carried off by three guys who know they have the best job in the world. There’s no denying its immense international appeal – it’s a huge money-spinner for the Beeb – and the domestic audience is pretty mega too:

Bear in mind this was just the overnight ratings – taking into account time-shifted viewing, the final audience should be more like six million. And that’s on BBC2, not BBC1.

Born to hand jive, baby

Last week also saw the National Television Awards, which are voted for by the viewing public and are therefore a barometer of who is (and isn’t) popular on UK TV at the moment. It wasn’t a great night for the BBC, with Slouching towards TV favourites Sherlock and Doctor Who leaving empty-handed, but they did win Best Talent Show for Strictly Come Dancing. Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan – who is quite the witty tweeter – thought he knew why they won:

You can decide for yourself …

Thankfully, Vaughan’s footwork at the crease was much better than on the dance-floor. That’s all I’m saying.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the NTAs unless Ant and Dec claimed the annual Award for Being Ant and Dec (aka Best Entertainment Presenter), for the 13th year running. You can pretty much set your watch by them.

Which I think is more likely to be accurate than anything the Mayans or that Nostradamus fellow ever came up with. Just for once, though, I really wish they would stand the other way around with Dec screen left, so that they appear to the eye as Dec and Ant. It would confuse the hell out of people – maybe that alone might bring about Armageddon?

And on that note … I’m a TV Blogger Get Me Out of Here! Back for more Twitter-based fun and frolics next Tuesday.


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