Tweets of the Week: Beginnings and endings

Tweets of the WeekFor every beginning there is an ending. It’s the circle of life, the alpha and the omega. In this week’s column I’m focussing on beginnings and endings which have captured my attention – and that of the good folks who inhabit the wonderful 140-character world of Twitter – during the week ending 3rd February 2013.

Farewell (and welcome back) to The Girlie Show

In the very same week that the curtain finally came down on Tina Fey’s 30 Rock after seven critically acclaimed seasons, it was somewhat curious that in the UK it should be returning from a lengthy hiatus mid-season six. From its legion of devoted fans in the US came an outpouring of emotion on a scale which might well have matched the ending of M*A*S*H or Friends, had Twitter been around then. Cue a long series of tweets along the lines of the following:

Not to mention a litany of favourite lines, top 10 moments and so on. One of my favourites:

But, best of all, one which appealed to the TV geek in me and had me chuckling dementedly for the rest of the day after reading it:

Matt Albie was the name of the character played by Matthew Perry (Friends‘ Chandler Bing) in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Premiering in the same 2006/7 season as 30 Rock, both shows were built around a comedy-show-within-a-show (30 Rock‘s being The Girlie Show). Matt Albie was the head writer of the eponymous Studio 60, loosely based on Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey was a former head writer of SNL. Critics noted the similarities between the two series at the time and predicted that only one would survive beyond its first season. 30 Rock did, Studio 60 perished. There endeth the history lesson.

Thankfully, in the UK we still have 1½ seasons of 30 Rock to look forward to. And I have my Studio 60 DVD boxset too.

The girl who does nothing but show

Kim Kardashian is one of those people. You know, a person who is famous for little else other than being famous, photogenic and desperate for publicity. She’s best known for appearing in a sex tape and a series of reality TV shows along with other members of her family. Oh, and she’s expecting a baby with Kanye West. (God help the poor child.)

Anyhow, just in case anyone who even remotely cares wasn’t already aware, Kim posted a photo of her bump via Twitter during the week. The reaction of the vast majority of the twitterari ranged from “meh” to stinging sarcasm. This tweet best summed up my feelings (such as they are) about the whole thing:

Super Bowl blackout

Sunday brought us the biggest TV advertising event of the year in the form of the Super Bowl. 30-second advertising spots were being sold for as much as $4 million (£2.4m). Indeed, some people tune in as much for the adverts as the game itself.

Or, indeed, for the half-time show, which this year starred Beyonce – CBS rather unnecessarily provided a helpful caption with her name just in case anyone didn’t know who she is.

There was also a brief appearance by Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to mark the reunion of Destiny’s Child. Although their appearance was fleeting and the sound on their mikes was noticeably turned down – I guess that’s why they’re not called Destiny’s Children. Of course, observant British viewers wondered whether this was just preparation for a bigger forthcoming future UK appearance:

While others wondered whether Beyonce’s choice of song indicated her gaming preferences:

After half-time, the game was interrupted for 35 minutes by a partial power outage. Personally, I think someone forgot to feed the meter in the Superdome with enough coins to run their three-bar fire, but others suggested a far more plausible cause:

Oh, and in amongst all the hoopla there was actually a game. The Baltimore Ravens led the San Francisco 49ers 28-6 before the power failure, but saw their lead cut to 31-29 before finally prevailing 34-31 in a nail-biter.  There was certainly plenty to tweet about – according to Twitter, 24.1 million Super Bowl-related tweets were sent during the game.

Departing with a Splash

You may recall four weeks ago I was less than complimentary about Tom Daley’s diving-based celebrity reality vehicle Splash. Ten minutes of the opening episode was more than enough for me, but in the intervening weeks it became something of a cult hit, with last Saturday’s final being the most watched show of the evening, with a peak of 6.5 million viewers tuning in to watch Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards demonstrate better skills leaping off a diving board than he ever did on a ski jump. ITV confirmed yesterday that the series will return for a second run.

Having refused to watch it either live or on catch-up, I can’t really comment further, so I’ll leave it to reality TV blogger Monk Seal to have the last word on the matter.

And before I break into a chorus of Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings, I’d better call it a day. I’ll be back with more Twitter-based observations next Tuesday. I can fly higher than an eaaaa-glee …


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