Tweets of the Week: Back-slapping, point-scoring and ‘nul points’

Tweets of the WeekFor some reason there seemed to be a lot of congratulation – and self-congratulation – going on in the Twittersphere last week. In among all the back-slapping (in some cases, patting oneself on the back), Twitter still found plenty of opportunities to laugh. Here are some of my highlights from the week ending 10th March 2013(ish).

They think it’s all over? Nope, QoS is still going …

The sports panel quiz A Question of Sport has been running for 45 years now, and last week reached its landmark 1,000th episode. I gave up on the show a couple of years ago, having tired of its overly chummy format and its move from being a proper quiz to being more of a light entertainment/comedy vehicle to fill the gap left by They Think It’s All Over. It seems I’m not the only one:

I’m not sure if the ‘sell-by’ date line prompted this response, but you’ve got to have a horse-meat joke somewhere at the moment, right?

Anyway, the show celebrated in its usual chummy, back-slapping way, bringing back former team captains Ally McCoist, John Parrott, Willie Carson and Bill Beaumont to join current captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell. All it really did was remind me how much I miss former presenter David Coleman and captains Gareth Edwards and Emlyn Hughes, who were the trio at the helm when I first watched the show in the late 1970s. Those were the days.

Let’s hear it for the Girls

Off the back of its double award-winning showing at the Golden Globes, the second season of Girls (which reaches its finale on Sky Atlantic next Monday) has been earning almost universal rave reviews from critics, fans and the TV and literary community in general. Here are just a handful of the comments on the last couple of episodes, starting with American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis:

To which we can add a ringing endorsement from 2 Broke GirlsKat Dennings:

And Iron Man director Jon Favreau:

Although don’t you wish they would elaborate a bit more on their love for the show? No? Just me, then?

To be honest, I could live without the point-scoring mutual appreciation society, but it’s nice to see a good show being acknowledged by its peer group, and Girls is certainly a good show.

Nul points?

It’s not quite the X-Factor finale, but the announcement of 1980s Welsh songstress Bonnie Tyler as the UK’s representative at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest – put the date in your diaries: May 18th in Malmo, Sweden – generated literally, er,  some column inches and a typically amused response from the Twittersphere.

The award for best joke surely goes to BBC 5 Live breakfast show presenter Nicky Campbell for this sharp piece of word-play on Tyler’s hit Holding Out For A Hero:

Last year Englebert Humperdinck‘s dirge-like Love Will Set You Free finished 25th out of the 26 finalists with a paltry 12 points, a mere 360 fewer than the winner Loreen.

To borrow another well-known song title, surely things can only get better this year? In fact, we could do a lot worse than just allowing Tyler to perform Holding Out again. See what you think:

And now the end is near

Regular readers of this column will remember I’ve been following the impending closure of BBC TV Centre at the end of this month with a combination of nostalgia and sadness. I have a number of friends who have worked at TVC over the years, and one by one they have been ticking off their final days in the building and saying goodbye to this British institution.

I don’t know The One Show‘s Alex Jones, but I’m happy to let her have the final word this week:

Although I can’t help but feel that this isn’t necessarily a milestone we’ll be talking about 20 years from now.

I’ll be spending the next few days searching for famous people willing to congratulate me on the perceptive wit of these Tweets of the Week columns, but rest assured even if I fail I’ll be back for more next week.

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