Game of Thrones in the style of …

Game of ThronesHBO’s Game of Thrones has been rightly acclaimed for its recreation of George R R Martin’s fantasy world of Westeros, with its combination of a huge, sprawling cast, global filming locations and heavy-weight CGI providing an epic sense of scale which stands comparison with anything the movie industry can offer. But perhaps the most impressive element of all is the series’ opening credits, a visually stunning sequence which swoops in and around Westeros’ key locations, effectively providing a reminder of the show’s current topography (it has been updated from season to season to reflect shifting events).

Here’s the original (season one) version:

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, GoT‘s opening titles have been ‘reimagined’ in the style of a number of other iconic shows. Here are three of my favourites, followed by another which remade its own opening sequence GoT-style as a one-shot. (You’ll also notice that each of the first three has incorporated one of GoT‘s most iconic ‘moments’: the famous ‘Joffrey slap’.)

First up, here’s Game of Thrones, Friends-style:

And now to the tune of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as we swap dire-wolves and White Walkers for werewolves and vampires:

What might GoT have looked like if it the characters wore floral shirts instead of armour and all lived in a pleasant tropical environment? Wonder no more, because here we go Magnum, P.I.-style:

Finally, here’s what happened when The Simpsons, a show famous for changing its credits for every episode, decided to dedicate one to GoT (yes, I know, the image is reversed – it’s still just as brilliant either way):

Which is your favourite of the alternative versions? Personally I like all of them, but I do particularly love the Buffy one.


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