Homeland S3 Ep3: Tower of David

Homeland logoBrody’s back, but his ‘freedom’ is incarceration by any other name.

Depending on your point of view, this episode either sets Homeland on a new and intriguing path, or it’s the moment when it jumped the shark.

You can read what I thought my full review of episode three of Homeland on the Metro website here.

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4 Comments on Homeland S3 Ep3: Tower of David

  1. I think what the writers are doing is indeed brave, and I admire it. Whether I like it, though, I’m not sure yet. Looking back on my season 1 reviews, I see that I eventually got fed up with the pace about seven or eight episodes in, before the show found another gear. I’m not sure I want another three or four like the ones we’ve had already.

    • I agree 100%. I loved the bravery of this episode – no one but Brody for the for the first half, and then only Carrie thereafter – but it now has to be followed by some rapid forward momentum. The first quarter of this season has been two steps backwards followed by a massive step to the side here. Giant strides forward – and quickly – is the only option now. I just fear that the series will haemorrhage viewers at this point and never recover, no matter how good the next nine episodes are.

  2. American ratings – the only ones which count, really, for these purposes – are holding steady enough; lower than at the end of the second season, but higher than at this stage of either of the first two. It might be that the core audience will sit tight. We’ll see.

    • Have to hope so. The immediate reaction online last night didn’t seem at all positive – but then it never is, is it? I think the groundwork for a new direction has now been laid out – hopefully it will be fully exploited by the writers.

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