Homeland S3 Ep5: The Yoga Play

Homeland logoCarrie risks compromising her cover to track down Dana, but nonetheless ends up face-to-face with Majid Javadi.

You can read my full review of episode five of Homeland on the Metro website here.

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2 Comments on Homeland S3 Ep5: The Yoga Play

  1. Sometimes we can be kidded into thinking we’ve seen a great game of football if there’s a flurry of goals in the last five minutes, after eighty-five minutes of nothing much. (The 1979 FA Cup Final springs to mind on an Arsenal fan’s blog.) I feel as if Homeland is giving us that at the moment.

    • Agreed, Jed. I think you can get away with a stunt like that once – which they pulled last week.

      But I genuinely thought this episode, taken in isolation, was pretty decent – well, once you’d cut out the you-know-what storyline. The problem is that what would have been a tense and effective set-up episode is undermined by what has gone before it – four episodes which have been 95% set-up.

      I’m all for a slow build-up if it’s well done. But too much of this season so far has been just plain slow. Hopefully the gung-ho (or should that be gun-ho) Lockhart’s impending arrival puts a two-week running clock on Saul’s Javadi op, and therefore the pace of the rest of the season.

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