Homeland S3 Ep6: Still Positive

Homeland logoIt has taken until the midway point of the season, but Homeland is finally back in its groove and driving forward with the handbrake off.

You can read my full review of episode six of Homeland on the Metro website here.

Homeland season 3 reviews

Season 3 trailer

Season 3: What to expect

3.1 Tin Man is Down

3.2 Uh… Oh… Ah…

3.3 Tower of David

3.4 Game On

3.5 The Yoga Play

4 Comments on Homeland S3 Ep6: Still Positive

  1. It was better, but I’m going to need a lot of convincing that the Carrie-up-the-stick storyline isn’t a mistake.

    • I agree this was the shakiest moment of the episode, although it did say something about Carrie’s state of mind and, of course, opens up an interesting conflict if and when she is ever reunited with Brody, regardless of whether or not he is the father!

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