Homeland S3 Ep11: Big Man in Tehran

Homeland logoBrody and Carrie are forced to improvise as events in Tehran take a series of unexpected turns. But whose side is Brody actually on?

You can read my full review of episode eleven of Homeland on the Metro website here.

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Season 3: What to expect

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3.3 Tower of David

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3.5 The Yoga Play

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3.7 Gerontion

3.8 A Red Wheelbarrow

3.9 One Last Time

3.10 Good Night

Will Brody survive? Should he?

2 Comments on Homeland S3 Ep11: Big Man in Tehran

  1. At last. A genuinely good episode. Tension every which way, and I genuinely had no idea what Brody was going to do in the final scene. He’s rather backed into a corner, though, isn’t he? Can’t go back to America, can’t stay in Iran. How about Venezuela again?

    • That’s just Caracas …

      I was thinking more an all-inclusive in St Lucia, where he can drink complimentary pina coladas for the rest of his days. I think the question Brody needs to ask himself is: what would Jason Bourne do?

      I’ve been saying for weeks that Brody needs to be either killed or somehow written out. His journey is surely complete now – but will the writers have the guts to actually do it? Six days until we find out …

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