Has Steven Moffat made Doctor Who too complex for viewers?

doctor-who-logoSteven Moffat has left his mark on Doctor Who, bringing us memorable villains like the Weeping Angels, detailed characters including River Song and, along with Matt Smith, he’s created a fantastic Eleventh Doctor. But has he made the show too complex for viewers?

You can read my thoughts on the Metro website here.

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2 Comments on Has Steven Moffat made Doctor Who too complex for viewers?

  1. I do think Moff has made Who too complex. Many of my friends who loved the Tennant years have stopped watching and my two sons (11 and 9) have also gone off it a bit. I also don’t think Moffat wraps things up well enough to justify all the convolution. I found the ending of Series 6 a real anti-climax and, if you think about, resetting the Universe, or Clara saving the Doctor throughout time, makes little sense. I hope he tones things down a bit for Capaldi.

    • Fans seem to be split down the middle about this, and though I’m happy with the level of complexity/convolution myself I do see the arguments on both sides. I do think the series has become more inconsistent, although from the reaction of many fans online you would think that the show had completely disappeared down the toilet …

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