The Musketeers S1 Ep3: Commodities

Porthos is injured in a fight while the Musketeers are escorting merchant Emile Bonnaire from Le Havre to Paris, forcing Athos to confront his past – with unexpectedly fiery consequences.

You can read my full review of episode three of The Musketeers on the Metro website here.

The Musketeers season 1 reviews

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2 Comments on The Musketeers S1 Ep3: Commodities

  1. I enjoyed this episode a lot, my favourite of the 3 so far. You’re right, Callis was bloody awful – what was he thinking? – but the focus on Athos and Porthos was welcome. The action seemed a little crisper too. My review is in the usual place!

  2. The series seems to be settling down after two deliberately action-packed opening episodes to grab viewers’ attention. Episode four is much more like this one, a more thoughtful character piece with the emphasis turning on to Aramis. Similarly episode five will centre on Porthos.

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