The Musketeers S1 Ep4: The Good Soldier

A former comrade returns to avenge a past massacre of 20 Musketeers at the hands of the Duke of Savoy, just as the duke arrives to sign a strategically important treaty with France.

You can read my full review of episode four of The Musketeers on the Metro website here.

The Musketeers season 1 reviews

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4 Comments on The Musketeers S1 Ep4: The Good Soldier

  1. The best of the run so far for me. Musketeers is really starting to develop nicely. Capaldi continues to steal every scene he’s in.

    • There’s a nice understated menace to Capaldi’s performance. Richelieu is a slow-burning villain who’s being kept deliberately off to the side a little, which seems wise given that the show is meant to centre on the Musketeers themselves. A shame the show is taking a week off for the BAFTAs though – that’s hardly going to help shore up the gently declining ratings. With Babylon also on Channel 4 in the 9pm slot now along with ITV1’s Mr Selfridge, the Sunday evening slot is now fiercely competitive.

  2. Musketeers is great program and according to it’s been renewed for a second series

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