The Voice: The highs and lows of the first live show

Twelve becomes eight

Much though I have enjoyed this series of The Voice, I have always struggled with the format of the live shows – and Saturday’s quarter-final was no exception. There were some terrific moments, but also enough low notes that left me feeling unsatisfied. selfie The Voice

There are selfies, and then there are selfies … (Image:

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2 Comments on The Voice: The highs and lows of the first live show

  1. This is the first series where I’ve actually followed The Voice properly and watched every one, and I’m really enjoying it. Mostly I agreed with the ones that went through, but as you say, song choice is so important, the public will often vote for a song they like, so it make sense to pick well-loved songs rather than obscure ones. There were a few cringe-moments on this show didn’t you think? Like jokes that didn’t quite work, or people talking over each other at crucial moments, I know it’s live, but there just seemed to be more “oops” moments than on other live shows. Also, I always hate it on any talent shows when someone gets voted off and they say “This isn’t the end, you haven’t seen the last of me!” or something like that, because invariably we have, and it kind of screams of bad loser and desperation.

    • Compared to The X Factor, which I’ve only ever seen bits and pieces of, The Voice is a lot more ‘natural’ and less obviously ‘produced’, so I guess it’s natural it falls a bit flat at times. (Tom Jones in particular is really stuck in a rut with his comments.) The lack of natural commercial breaks doesn’t help either. Last week’s show turned into a bit of a never-ending carousel of performances and decisions, and by the I definitely wasn’t as engaged as I was at the beginning. To be honest, I’d rather this had been two one-hour shows with some more human interest inserts rather than a hurried hour and three quarters all in one go.

      Having said all that, this is definitely a much more enjoyable run than the first two – there are at least 3 remaining acts who I think have the potential to succeed (even if history suggests otherwise with the previous two winners). Looking forward to Saturday.

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