The Voice: Too long and showy, but at least we got the right result

Live semi-final fails to excite

After a marathon 130-minute semi-final, we now know The Voice‘s four finalists: Sally, Christina Marie, Jamie and Jermain. I should be excited about next week’s final. So why do I feel slightly underwhelmed?

You can read the full article on the Metro website here.

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2 Comments on The Voice: Too long and showy, but at least we got the right result

  1. I’ve only just watched it on catch-up so I couldn’t read this before now! I’m not quite of the same opinion as you about the right choices being made though. I am of the same opinion that the show was too long however! With Tom’s team, I agree about Sally going through, I really like her. With Ricky’s team I wanted Chris, even though Christina Marie is obviously a really good singer, to me there’s nothing particularly different about her, I like singers that are a bit quirky or a bit raw rather than slick and polished, and I think Chris had more of that rawness that I like (although I agree about the strange song choices for him that haven’t really allowed that rawness to be demonstrated!). With Kylie’s team, I kind of liked them equally, so I didn’t mind. And with Will, I preferred Sophie-May, again because I think Jermain is too slick and polished whereas Sophie-May has a bit of quirkiness about her. But actually those are only really slight preferences because I did like all eight. So out of the four going through, Sally is my favourite, although unfortunately she obviously she doesn’t have the potential of a long music career ahead of her that the other three have!

  2. I really liked Sophie-May, but I think Jermain was always destined to go through because he’s been portrayed so positively throughout this series (plus he’s a great singer with definite commercial potential). I have to admit I never really ‘got’ Chris – and, again, Christina Marie has had such wholehearted backing from all the coaches. Overall, I think Kylie has had the weakest team throughout – like you I wasn’t that fussed who went through although Jamie seemed more versatile than Lee. And, let’s face it, Sally was a shoo-in (and rightly so).

    The length of these programmes is a real problem. Even though I’m taking notes, I start to nod off a bit after the first hour. Without ad breaks, it’s just a relentless trudge, isn’t it? No real change of pace, and the amount of padding in the final hour to allow viewers time to vote was agonising. Group performances – no!

    Depsite all my whingeing, I really have enjoyed this series, though. The new coaches have injected a new vibe, and the talent has been pretty good. But these live episodes are WAY too long.

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