Have you seen the Harry Potter Studio Tour advert?

If you’ve been wearing your (Harry Potter-style) specs recently, you may have caught a glimpse of wizards, Hogwarts and quidditch on the telly. Sadly it’s not a new Harry Potter film (unless JK Rowling really is writing more Harry!), but an advert for the Harry Potter Studio Tour at the Warner Bros. Studio at Leavesden, near Watford. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this will probably be your dream day out, so read on to find out more!

Check out the ad

The advert shows lots of big kids – sorry, adults – enjoying going behind the scenes of the most successful film franchise of all time, whilst voicing the real thoughts of some of the tour’s younger visitors. The idea is that the Harry Potter Studio tour will bring out the inner child in anyone, and it certainly looks that way as we see the spectacular sets, interactive attractions and wizard classes on offer at the studio tour. Take a look at the Harry Potter TV ad now.

About the advert

The advert was actually shot by some of the production team that worked on the actual Harry Potter film series, and all of it was filmed on the actual sets from the films that you see on the Harry Potter Studio Tour. The crew included the Director of Photography from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Roger Pratt, as well as the original Camera Operator Peter Taylor, Gaffer Tommy Finch and Steadicam Operator, Alf Tramontin.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or just a movie buff, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, featuring The Making of Harry Potter, is an absolute must. You’ll see exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses from the films, and have full access to key props from the films, including costumes and other animatronics. Not only can you wander the sets where they made the Harry Potter films, but the kids can also marvel at the incredible 360 degree scale model of Hogwarts Castle, a work of art in itself, which was crafted by 86 artists and crew members, and took over 74 years of man hours to build.

This April, Warner Bros. Studios will open the ‘Feathers and Flight’ feature for visitors, inviting them to discover how the film-makers designed the owls, ravens and all other winged beasts of the films. You’ll be able to pose for a photograph with Harry Potter’s beloved Hedwig, arguably the most famous owl in film. You’ll also meet the other owlish stars, including Ron Weasley’s Pigwidgeon and the Weasley family’s Errol. Also included on the tour will be an explanation of how the crew trained the crows that appear on the film.

So as the Easter holidays approach, it’s definitely time to pack the kids up and get down to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for the full Harry Potter experience. It’s sure to be a pretty magical day out. Keep an eye out for the advert to whet your appetite for all things Harry!



1 Comment on Have you seen the Harry Potter Studio Tour advert?

  1. Myself and my brother will visit this when we’re over for the Kate Bush gig at the end of September.

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