Game of Thrones S4 Ep4: Oathkeeper

Exposition, repositioning and the return of the White Walkers

Game of Thrones’ fourth episode creaked under the weight of heavy exposition and repositioning of several characters, but maintained its ability to deliver a final punch which provides that all-important ‘water-cooler moment’.

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Game of Thrones season 4

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4.2 The Lion and the Rose

4.3 Breaker of Chains

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2 Comments on Game of Thrones S4 Ep4: Oathkeeper

  1. It was Locke who cut off Jaime’s hand, wasn’t it, and is now on a mission to use Jon to find Bran and kill them both. Poor Jon. He thought he’d found a friend 😦

    This was a game of two halves for me – I loved everything in and around Kings Landing (including the scene where Littlefinger outlined poor Sansa’s predicament), but the rest I could take or leave. Or just leave, really, apart from Jon’s story which is a lot more interesting this year than all that endless undercover Wildling rubbish last year. Dany is just unbearably irritating. She’s like the Scarlett O’Connor of GOT.

    • Indeed it was Locke.

      This was definitely a slower episode, but like I noted in my review I’m willing to forgive it (a) because of the three episodes that proceeded it and (b) because it did some major heavy lifting to set things up for future episodes.

      But no more Brienne and Jaime? Such a shame.

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