Everything you ever wanted to know about Eurovision (but were too embarrassed to ask)

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen?

Whether you’re hosting a Eurovision Song Contest party or just want to impress your friends, here are 20 fast facts to help you become an expert ahead of Saturday’s final.

You can read the full article on the Metro website here.

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 logo


6 Comments on Everything you ever wanted to know about Eurovision (but were too embarrassed to ask)

  1. I can’t get to the Metro article?

  2. Yep, all working now! Good article, I love watching Eurovision, although I find it less enjoyable on the years when I feel like we haven’t got a chance! This year I feel we do, but you never know, the voting is quite strange at times. I think Graham Norton does a good job, but I do miss Terry Wogan 🙂 A lot of people slate it badly don’t them, but you don’t watch it for the reason of wanting to hear great music do you! I also do like things that bring different countries together.

    • There always seems to be a bit of a contradiction among a lot of viewers, doesn’t there? We pretend we’re too cool to take the contest seriously, then we’re affronted when we end up in the bottom five yet again. And, to be fair, some of our entries in recent years have been *dire* (Scooch, anyone?)

      I miss Wogan too. We used to take Eurovision very seriously in our house – we hosted the annual Eurovision party, we had quizzes and customised score-sheets and lots of alcohol (obv!) Nowadays, we just hope we can get through it without any of the kids waking up …

      • I’ve always wanted to go to a Eurovision party! But more often than not I find myself watching it alone because nobody I’m with wants to see it. I still do my own kind of score-sheets though! Well they’re more an aide memoir because I find it annoying when I’m watching the scores and I can’t remember what some of them were, so I’ll put notes for each one that say things like “Pretty girl in the white dress with screechy voice, men in black playing violins behind her” and then I’ll put a tick if I liked it (or maybe two ticks if I REALLY liked it). Oh dear, this is all sounding really sad isn’t it. I have beer too though! 🙂

        • That’s exactly what we do with our scoresheets, with an increasing degree of sarcasm as the evening goes on. (This may, I suspect, be in direct proportion to alcohol consumption …)

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