The Apprentice S10: Candidate chart

The Apprentice kicks off its tenth season tomorrow night on BBC1 with a whopping 20 candidates, with episode two to follow on Wednesday. To help you keep track of a frenetic opening week, here’s a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to who’s who in this year’s battle to become Lord Sugar’s business partner.

I’ll be doing recaps on the blog which will go up immediately after the conclusion of each episode – the chart will be updated with the results of each boardroom firing(s). Enjoy!

12 Comments on The Apprentice S10: Candidate chart

  1. Brilliant, cannot wait, and I always enjoy your recaps too! Are there always this many candidates? I can see me finding it hard to keep track…

  2. Why the increase? There will have to be some great multiple firings!!!

  3. Have you had a chance to watch the auditions? Amongst the normal bull and bravado there are some strong candidates with track records that appear to stand basic scrutiny (I have checked most on LinkedIn!) Roisin looks interesting (for an accountant) and however strong Steven is, and let’s face it, he IS the best, he is the best social worker and that is not likely to endear him to the Lord. I am not convinced by Sarah at all (she is playing on being posh and yet doesn’t really appear it) and I will be interested to see how Katie copes in a team when she usually works solo as a personal trainer. Filipe looks weak on paper but seems to take the lead early on in the boys team with the name – and that presumably means an exit as the rules state 1. The boys always lose the first task and 2. the team leader always gets fired. Well, nearly.

    Among the others – Scott looks a waste of time as by 24 he should have learnt that he doesn’t know everything about everything; Robert admits to being disorganised in his personal life – is that really something to admit? Likewise Pamela is not a good timekeeper. James appears to have a track record in business but I could not find him on LinkedIn so difficult to assess. Ella Jade might be interesting as well as she has experience through a family company and good academics – her profile on LinkedIn is very strong. Chiles is another who appears to have genuine success. Most of the others are a bit indistinguishable but I will have a look at them as we move on.

    • I haven’t got round to watching them yet but will hopefully do so this evening.

      I couldn’t possibly comment on your detailed (and no doubt insightful as ever) observations but I will say that we will get some definite viewpoints on Steven, Sarah, Scott, Robert, Felipe and Chiles in tonight’s episode. I particularly like Felipe’s choice of football team (funnily enough, Sugar doesn’t!)

  4. Detailed only to a point. I noted the stand out candidates, either for positive or negative reasons and therefore will have either missed or dismissed the eventual winner. Though having done a quick check I have mentioned 11 of the 20! Perhaps I need to refresh my memory on the other nine.

    • As ever, it takes a while to get to know all the candidates. Even by the end of episode 2, there are a few who have barely spoken a word on screen.

  5. That will be more so with 20 – teams of 10 provide more opportunity to hide and that would be the best option at this stage imho. Do the donkey work (no show pony or fields of ponies…) at this stage.

  6. “I am the most awesome candidate ever. I bring the triple threat of real world experience, a powerful education, and enough vision to make braille an outdated technology. Lord Sugar would be a fool not to hire me on the spot, and I outclass every other candidate here.” — First Fired Candidate, Taxi Ride of Shame

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