Homeland S4 Ep5: About a Boy

Carrie’s plan to seduce Aayan pays dividends but she’s not the only one making moves as Homeland cranks up the tension.

You can read my full review of episode five of Homeland on the Metro website here.

Image: Showtime

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2 Comments on Homeland S4 Ep5: About a Boy

  1. Looks like we’re some distance apart on this one; I thought it was a bit static. Carrie takes the whole episode to confirm something she already knew (OK, I’ll give you the bit about medication, but hardly a gamechanger). The Professor takes some photos. Quinn and Fara almost follow someone, then don’t. The only huge development – and it was a startling one – was Saul being abducted, but even that was after some well-padded scenes of wandering round an airport. It might all pay off somewhere down the line, but there’s been a lot of waiting for Homeland to deliver over the past two seasons.

    • I know what you mean, Jed. That’s me being the eternal optimist! The show has yet to deliver fully, but there was enough promise here that I can finally get a sense of the new direction the writers seem to want to go in. Over to them now to deliver on it.

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