The Voice preview: 12 things to look out for in the third blind auditions show

It’s the third round of blind auditions on The Voice tomorrow (Saturday) night. Here are 12 things to watch out for.

The Voice coaches BBC

Who will be spinning around this week? (Image: BBC)

1. The studio in Manchester is invaded by the Welsh this week, with no fewer than three contestants from the land of Sir Tom Jones.

2. Three of this week’s contestants have links to the coaches. One singer’s grandfather appeared in a Kaiser Chiefs video, while another’s mother broke her ankle at a Tom Jones concert. But they are both trumped by a contestant who is recognised by two of the coaches and has previously met one of them.

3. One singer performs with a band who have had three previous UK top ten singles.

4. This week sees another pair of twins. However, unlike Classical Reflection last week, they are male, non-identical and audition separately.

5. One contestant cites the Spice Girls’ Mama as one of their inspirations for getting into music. It takes all sorts, I suppose.

6. This week’s oldest contestant is exactly three times the age of the youngest auditionee.

7. After doing Orville the Duck last week, Ricky Wilson shows off another animal impersonation.

8. Rita Ora tells one contestant, “You have extreme sex appeal in your voice” and another, “We will make so much beautiful music together.” But will either of them end up on her team?

9. In this week’s instalment of‘s Wacky Metaphors, he talks about the difference between a cake and a pancake. And lasers. As you do.

10. Two of the coaches form an impromptu dance duo.

11. This week sees our second mash-up of the season, as one contestant pairs songs by the unlikely combination of Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy.

12. One of the coaches is in a picky mood – out of 11 contestants, they turn just three times.

The Voice season 4


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2 Comments on The Voice preview: 12 things to look out for in the third blind auditions show

  1. Kieran Diver // January 23, 2015 at 7:12 pm // Reply

    I’m 100% guessing that Will is the one that is going to be tomorrow night’s picky coach. He’s my favourite coach because he reserves his spaces until he hears something special which I don’t think I’ve seen yet. Acts like Letitia George and Sasha Simone will be easily smashed and knocked out before the knockout rounds. They are both hateable. I hope Esmee Denters brings something out of the box. I have high hopes 🙂

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