The Voice preview: 15 things to look out for in the fourth blind auditions show

It’s the fourth round of blind auditions on The Voice this Saturday night. Here are 15 things to watch out for.

The Voice coaches BBC

Who will be spinning around this week? (Image: BBC)

1. The auditions come thick and fast this week. In previous episodes we’ve seen 10 or 11 contestants – this week there are 15.

2. In each of the three shows to date, the coaches have recruited six team members between them. This week will see a whopping ten new recruits, with two of the coaches sharing eight between them.

3. One of this week’s contestants is the son of a singer and actress who used to be a regular cast member on EastEnders.

4. Two performers have links with The Saturdays. One auditioned for the band having narrowly missed out on joining S Club Juniors, while the other is a session musician who has played for them as well as Ella Henderson and Union J.

5. This week sees four teenage schoolkids audition.

6. Watch out for the singer who literally blows their own trumpet.

7. Ricky Wilson spotted one of the contestants while out running on the morning of the recording of the show.

8. We have already had female mirror twins and male non-identical twins. This week watch out for another pair of twins and two lads who bill themselves as ‘brothers’ but aren’t actually related.

9. This week’s songs include ones that have featured in the films Back to the Future, Bad Boys and Wayne’s World, a James Bond theme and a track from Les Misérables.

10. It’s a good week for Bob Dylan fans as two songs penned by the legendary singer-songwriter are performed by contestants – although one is more strongly associated with another famous 1960s artist.

11. We have seen two-song mash-ups in each of the past two weeks but one act goes one further this week by performing three different songs in their audition.

12. At last! There’s a famous person who Sir Tom Jones has never met.

13. Rita Ora tells one contestant, “If a porcelain doll could speak, it would be you.” It’s meant as a compliment.

14. Tom says at one point, “I wish I hadn’t turned now.” Is he being serious or is he joking?

15. Last week was in a picky mood, turning only three times. This week one of the coaches is similarly reticent, hitting their button on just three occasions.

The Voice season 4


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