Game Of Thrones S5 Ep1: The Wars to Come

Did Game of Thrones’ hotly anticipated season five opener live up to the hype? Yes, but it’s now a tangibly different show as the series moves into its middle-game.

You can read my full review of episode one of Game of Thrones on the Metro website here.

Game of Thrones s5e1 The Wars to Come HBO

Game of Thrones season 5

The 40 things you need to know before season 5 starts

2 Comments on Game Of Thrones S5 Ep1: The Wars to Come

  1. Decent opener but not brilliant. Too much Jon Snow, although I loved the Red Witch’s “Are you a virgin?” comment! Hold onto your stones and bone, Jon!!

    • I have to admit I’m starting to enjoy Jon’s story now that the Wall is beginning to feel less like a remote outpost and a bit more integral to the story. I’d be keeping an eye on Melisandre if I were him, though!

      More scene-setting to come in episode 2, as is usual for GoT, but I’m pleased with the gathering sense of momentum even if much of what we’re seeing up front is more political intrigue than action. Unless you’re poor White Rat, that is!

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